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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Neurotherapeutics Course

ME: 200.703

This course is a newly devised graduate course in the School of Medicine, sponsored by the JHU NIMH Center to provide an overview of Therapeutic Development for neurological diseases.

The course will focus on preclinical drug development and will include the necessary phases involved in this process, including Idea Conception, Exploratory Research, Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Screening, Protection of Intellectual Property, Development of Surrogate Markers and the role of Regulatory Affairs. This will be followed up with specific examples of drug development for specific neurodegenerative disorders including Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, ALS, Peripheral Neuropathy, and HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND).

The course Director is Joseph Steiner, Ph.D., and Norman Haughey, Ph.D. is Co-director.  Expert guest lecturers are scheduled each week.


For more information contact Joseph Steiner at or Norman Haughey at

Previous Neurotherapeutics lectures included:

  • Exploratory Research/Target Validation
    Lecturer: Dr. Paul Jackson, J&J Pharmaceutical Inc.
  • Drug Screening
    Lecturer:  Dr. Camilo Rojas, BSI
  • Medicinal Chemistry Lead ID/Optimization
    Lecturer:  Dr. Dana Ferraris, BSI
  • In Vivo Proof of Concept: Animal Models
    Lecturers: Dr. Douglas Kerr, JHU, Rita Sattler, JHU
  • Biopharmaceutics: Pharmacokinetics
    Lecturer: Dr. Norman Haughey, JHU
  • BBB permeability
    Lecturer: Dr. Monique Stins, JHU
  • Regulatory Affairs-pre-IND through NDA
    Lecturer: Dr. Gerald Dal Pan, FDA
  • Human Clinical Studies
    Lecturer: Dr. Justin McArthur, JHU
  • Surrogate Markers
    Lecturer: Dr. Avi Nath, JHU
  • Drug Development for Parkinson’s Disease
    Lecturer: Dr. Ted Dawson, JHU
  • Drug Development for ALS
    Lecturer: Dr. Jeff Rothstein, JHU
  • Drug Development for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Lecturer: Dr. Don Price, JHU
  • Drug Development for Huntington’s Disease
    Lecturer: Dr. Chris Ross, JHU
  • Drug Development for HIV-associated cognitive disorders
    Lecturer: Dr. Joe Steiner, JHU
  • Drug Development for Peripheral Neuropathy
    Lecturer: Dr. Ahmet Hoke, JHU
  • Biologics Development
    Lecturer: Dr. Susan Goelz, Biogen-Idec
  • Neural Instruments
    Lecturer: Dr. Nitish Thakor, JHU
  • Stem Cells as Therapeutics
    Lecturer: Dr. Hongjun Song, JHU

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