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Neurology and Neurosurgery

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Observational Studies (No Experimental Drug)

HIV-related Neuroplasticity and Attention-to-Reward as Predictors of Real World Function

Purpose: The aim of this research is to identify factors that motivate a person to engage in risky behaviors that can lead to the acquisition or transmission of HIV. The relevance of this research to public health is that results have the potential to inform treatment strategies for reducing HIV transmission in at-risk populations.

Currently enrolling participants; if interested contact Cherie Marvel at (410) 502-4664.

Identifying the Neurocognitive Determinants of HIV Risk Behavior

Rewarding stimuli command one's attention. The ability to ignore a learned reward is critical to behavioral control over impulsive, risky decisions. This line of research uses brain imaging to examine what parts of the brain are affected by attentional bias for learned reward in two populations that tend to engage in risky behaviors: HIV positive individuals, and those with opioid dependence.

Currently enrolling participants; if interested contact Cherie Marvel at (410) 502-4664.

CHARTER: Central Nervous System HIV Antiretroviral Therapy Effects Research

Purpose: To evaluate the effects of ARV therapy and HIV on the CNS through medical and behavioral assessments.
Contact: 410-502-0180

Closed for enrollment; staff will contact patients for follow-up.

Sleep Study

Some scientists have found that in some HIV positive individuals normal sleep and wake cycles are disrupted. It is possible that this disruption is further complicated by medications used to manage the HIV virus as well as by other body conditions such as peripheral neuropathy. An upcoming study at Johns Hopkins University led by Dr. Charlene Gamaldo will try to understand further what sleep complications may be related to HIV infection and how peripheral neuropathy affects sleep in people with HIV.


Closed for enrollment


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