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Charting the Frontiers of Science and Patient Care computer generated neurons
The Departments of Neurology and Neurosurgery provide expert care to thousands of adults and children each year, many with rare, complex conditions. Our team of neurologists and neurosurgeons push the boundaries of what's possible through groundbreaking research and clinical trials.

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    Patient Stories


    Nerve Repair | Santi’s Story

    Santi's sciatic nerve was severed in a boating accident, paralyzing his right leg. Together, neurosurgeon Allan Belzberg and orthopaedic trauma surgeon Greg Osgood collaborated to offer a novel way to repair Santi's leg and get him back to the water.

    Complex Brain Tumor | Glenn's Story

    After surgery to remove a massive brain tumor, violinist Glenn had a long road ahead of him. His wife, Jan, also a violinist, knew that music would play a crucial role in his continued recovery.

    Augmented Reality Technology | Kay's Story

    When nonsurgical treatment failed, Kay turned to neurosurgeon Timothy Witham for help. He used a new augmented reality technology during surgery to relieve her pain.


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