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Other Didactic Experiences

Neurotherapeutics Course:

Directors: Norman Haughey, PhD

Schedule: Offered in the 3rd semester (January-March) every other year

Credits: 4

Format of the course: one topic is covered each week in a 2 hr session. There is a one-hour lecture by an expert in the field, 30 minute presentation on the background of the topic by one of the students, and 30 minute journal club format on a research manuscript on the subject.

Grading: All students are evaluated by a take home essay test that comprises of 50% of the test scores; the remaining is made up from the student presentations.

Neuroimmunology Course:

Directors: Peter Calabresi, Monique Stins

Schedule: Offered in the 1st semester (August-October) every other year

Credits: 3

Course description: Course covers the immunopathogenesis of neurological diseases, including CNS infections.

Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation (GTPCI)

The Graduate Training Program in Clinical Investigation (GTPCI) is intended for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and other allied health professionals working with human subjects in clinical investigation.

Seminar Series

During the 3-6 month research experience, the mentees will have the opportunity to attend several regularly scheduled seminar series. Those with a strong Neuro-AIDS focus will be mandatory for all trainees to attend. Webcast capabilities will be available for the Neuro-AIDS journal club, HIV neuroscience conference, and the Neuroimmunology seminar series.

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