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Syllabus and Lecture Information

Course Overview: HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders: A Persisting Problem
Class Overview:  Amanda Brown, PhD

Clinical Epidemiology of HIV-associated Neurocognitive Disorders (HAND)
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Ned Sacktor, MD

Introduction to Retroviruses and Pathology of NeuroAIDS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Vivek Nerurkar, PhD and Carlos Pardo-Villamizar, MD

Cultural Sensitivity in Neurophysiological Scales for HAND
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Valerie Wojna, MD

Imaging Techniques in NeuroAIDS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Beau Ances, MD, PhD and Linda Chang, MD

Neuropathogenics of HIV Infection and IRIS
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Avindra Nath, MD

The Blood-Brain-Barrier in Neurological Infections
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Monique Stins, PhD

Drug Development for HAND
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Joseph Steiner, PhD and Takashi Tsukamoto, PhD

Surrogate and Host Genetic Markers
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Norman Haughey, PhD

Ethics in NeuroAIDS Research in Minority Populations and International Settings
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Bruce Shiramizu, MD

CNS Penetration, HIV-1 Replication and Combination Anti-Retroviral Therapies
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Scott Letendre, MD

Viral Genetics and Cellular Reservoirs
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Janice Clements, PhD and Joseph Mankowski, DVM, PhD

Clinical Research Techniques and Cultural Competence
Lecture: Justin C McArthur, MBBS, MPH

Drugs of Abuse in HAND
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Shilpa Buch, PhD

Behavioral Assessment in Mouse Models
Lecture/Journal Discussion: Mikhail Pletnikov, MD, PhD and Amanda Brown, PhD

Grant Writing and Career Builder: How to Get Funding and Stay Funded
No online lecture, live discussion only
Faculty: Justin C McArthur, MBBS, MPH

The Wear and Tear of Stress on Cognition in HIV
Lecture: Leah Rubin, PhD, MPH

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