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Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds

Fridays at Noon
Meyer 1-191 Auditorium

9/15/17James N. Campbell, M.D.Painful Osteoarthritis
9/22/17Shenandoah Robinson, M.D.Cerebral Palsy and Chronic Pain
9/29/17Daniel Sciubba, M.D.

Are We Helping Decrease Pain in our Patients with Spine Surgery?

10/6/17Jenna Goesling, Ph.D.  The Opioid Epidemic: From the Perspective of the Chronic Pain Patient
10/13/17 Chris Veasley, Ph.D.Chronic Pain & the Urgent Need to Advance Policy, Research and Treatment
10/20/17Neil Ford (Ph.D. candidate)The Dynamic Influence of Cationic Leak Conductance on Spino-Parabrachial Neuron Output and Pain During Early Life
10/27/17  Diane Hoffmann, J.DLegal and Ethical Challenges in the Treatment of Chronic Pain       
11/3/17Melanie Noel, Ph.D.

Remembering the Pain of Childhood: Development, Impact, and Intervention

11/10/17 Vitaly Napado w, Ph.D.Using Neuroimaging to Assess Mechanisms of Action for Acupuncture Analgesia: From Somatosensation to Therapeutic
12/1/17Travis Rieder, Ph.D.Ethics in Pain Management during America’s Opioid Crisis
12/8/17Rebecca Seal, Ph.D.Neural Circuits Coding for Persistent Forms of Pain
12/15/17Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D.     Mechanisms Supporting Mindfulness-based Analgesia
01/05/18Xinzhong Dong, Ph.D.Novel Mechanisms of Itch
01/12/18Kalpna Gupta, Ph.D.Mechanisms of Opioid Activity in Cancer and Sickle Cell Pain
01/19/18Greg Elmer. Ph.D.



Coordinator: Srinivasa Raja, M.D.
Panelists: Mark Bicket, M.D., James Campbell, M.D., Paul Christo, M.D., Suzanne Nesbit, PharmD., Traci Speed, MD., Ph.D.

Panel Discussion: Where Are We in the Opioid Crisis?
02/09/18Alban Latromoliere, Ph.D.TBD
02/16/18JHU T32 FellowsResearch Paper Presentations
02/23/18Man-kyo Chung, Ph.D.TBD

Jennifer Haythornthwaite, Ph.D. and James Campbell, M.D.

Conversations with Dr. Jennifer Haythornthwaite
03/23/18Tamara King. Ph.D.Mechanisms Driving Chronic Pain
03/30/18No Presentation 
04/06/18Roy Levitt, M.D.Genetics of Susceptibility to Chronic Pain
04/13/18Andrei Srdulla, M.D.TBD
04/20/18Ahmet Hoke, M.D., Ph.D.Nav 1.7 Effect on Neuropathic Pain
04/27/18Marco Martel, Ph.D.TBD
05/04/18Brian Kim, Ph.D.TBD
05/18/18Jeffrey Mogil, Ph.D.Pain in Mice and Man: Ironic Adventures in Translation

Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds: Past Presentations

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