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About Us

The Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery has been serving patients since The Johns Hopkins Hopkins Hospital opened its doors in 1889. Each year, we provide over 30,000 outpatient consultations and perform more than 4,000 brain, tumor, vascular, and peripheral nerve operations, helping adults and children with a wide range of neurologic diseases and conditions.


We are all familiar with the outstanding, historic, international reputation of Johns Hopkins Medicine, but my time there and my time away made me understand why it deserved such a reputation – the people."

- Benjamin M. Greenberg, MD, MHS. See more testimonials from neurology residents, fellows and faculty.


A Lasting Legacy

With mortality rates among the lowest in the world, Johns Hopkins has emerged as one of the most comprehensive neurological centers of its kind, diagnosing and treating a large breadth of adult and pediatric neurological diseases and conditions.

We commit ourselves to providing excellent patient care through individualized treatment plans. We continue to build on our mission to not only integrate research, education and patient care, but advance the fields of neurology and neurosurgery, often one patient at a time.


Impactful Discovery

Our internationally renowned faculty, strengthened by our tradition of sharing of ideas across disciplines and melding laboratory-based and clinical research, offers patients remarkable new diagnostic capabilities and therapies.

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