Blaustein Pain Grand Rounds

The conferences are held on Fridays at noon EST. Due to COVID-19, all conferences are virtual via Zoom:

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Date Lecturer Presentation
1/05/2024 No Conference
1/12/2024 Puneet Mishra, M.D.
Vanderbilt University
“Interventional Approaches to Tackle Chronic Knee Pain" 
1/19/2024 [Canceled]              [Canceled]
1/26/2024 Shirvalkar, Prasad, M.D., Ph.D .
“Tracking and Treating Chronic Pain with Personalized Brain Biomarkers” 
2/02/2024 Xiang Yang, Ph.D.
U Mass Chang Medical School
“Go with the flow, shear stress mechanosensing in external and internal senses” 
2/09/2024 Harrison Elder, Ph.D.
“Leveraging the Entourage Effect to Open THC’s Therapeutic Window: How understudied constituents of cannabis could hold the key to unlocking the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids” 
2/16/2024 Jack Craven, M.D.
"Workers Compensation and Litigation in Chronic Pain" 
2/16/2024 Leili Shahgholi, M.D.
“Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of employing artificial intelligence in pain management, focusing on its impact on both patients and physicians”
2/23/2024 Frederick W. Luthardt, Jr.
JHU Compliance
“Decentralized Clinical Trials: Advantages and Challenges”
3/01/2024 Mark Johnson, Ph.D.
Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom 
“From Mechanism to Metaphor: Unmasking and Rethinking the Persistence of Pain”
3/08/2024 Jennifer Gewandter, M.D.
University of Rochester Medical Center
“Chronic pain clinical trials: Balancing theory and practice” 
3/15/2024 Lei Gao, MBBS
Harvard University
“The Role of Sleep and Pain in Perioperative Neurocognitive Disorders” 
3/22/2024 M.E. Sebai, M.D., JHU "The Associating Between Pain and Smoking, Public Health and Clinical Implications" 
3/22/2024 Warren Reuland, M.D., JHU “The Transition From Acute to Chronic Pain: Molecular Mechanisms and Possible Strategies for Prevention"
3/29/2024 No Conference
4/05/2024 [Canceled] [Canceled]
4/12/2024 Michael S. Gold, Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh, Gold’s Lab 
“Mechanisms of Trigeminal Neuralgia”
4/19/2024 Geum Yeon Sim, M.D.
“Vertebral augmentation and subsequent adjacent vertebral fractures” 
4/19/2024 Mohamed Ehab Ramadan, M.D.
"IV lidocaine infusion: Recent evidence in chronic pain management"
4/26/2024 [Canceled]             [Canceled]
5/03/2024 Maia Szalavitz
Neuroscience journalist at The New York Times and award winning author
"Opioids, Pain and Harm Reduction"
5/10/2024 Owen McManus, Ph.D.
Quiver Bio Sciences, Inc.
“Development of therapeutics for chronic pain using all-optical electrophysiology”
5/17/2024 Asbjorn Mohr Drewes, M.D., Ph.D.
Aalborg University Hospital
Aalborg, Denmark
"Pain Management of Pancreatic Diseases"
5/31/2024 Long-Jun Wu, Ph.D.
Mayo Clinic
"Neuroimmune Interaction: Focusing on Microglia in Pain"
6/07/2024 Kris Chesky, Ph.D
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation & Peabody Institute
“Occupational Health in the Music Discipline”
6/14/2024 Shravani Durbhakula, M.D.
Vanderbilt University
"Building Your Own Personal Brand”
6/21/2024 Jason McDougall, M.D.
Dalhousie University
“How Age, Sex, and Injury Contribute to Arthritis Pain”

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