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Lifeline: Video Library

The Lifeline of Johns Hopkins

The Johns Hopkins Lifeline Transportation program was designed to provide advanced life support and critical care services for patients referred to The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions.

Lifeline of Johns Hopkins | Founding a Specialized Patient Transport Program

Jim Scheulen, Lifeline’s founder, reveals that even critically ill patients can expect safe and advanced transport at rates high above the national average. His guidance on emergency medicine: Build a foundation on exceptional people who are trained to improve patient care in all types of transportation.

The Education of Lifeline | Sustaining a Successful Team

Johns Hopkins Lifeline transports patients experiencing some of the most critical medical conditions. A robust training and education program using simulation and team-based learning builds the skills required to bring the very best of Johns Hopkins Medicine to patients, wherever they may be located.

Ebola Patient Transport Drill | Johns Hopkins Medicine and Lifeline

Designated teams at all of the Johns Hopkins Medicine hospitals have trained for many months to respond to the likelihood that we would care for a patient with Ebola virus disease. To fortify these preparedness plans, a drill was conducted on Nov. 6 to simulate the transport of two patients with Ebola being transferred from Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center to The Johns Hopkins Hospital.