Lifeline: Communications Center

A Coordinated Approach for Critical Care Transport

Lifeline command center representative on a call

One of the most vital components of the Lifeline program is the communications center, which provides centralized coordination of all transportation activities for the Johns Hopkins Health System. Situated in the Capacity Command Center at The Johns Hopkins Hospital, the Lifeline communications personnel work directly with care team members from the referring facility, the Johns Hopkins Health System, and our transportation partners to provide appropriate medical transportation in a safe and efficient manner. The dedicated communications center operates 24/7 to coordinate medical ground and air transportation services for domestic and international transport.

Requests for interfacility transport are initiated by the Hopkins Access Line (HAL) via a toll-free number (1-800-765-5447) and relayed to the communications center for immediate dispatch.  This system allows for a patient transport to be initiated by a “one-call” method for referring physicians and is a cornerstone in the transport process.

Lifeline communications personnel are medically trained emergency medical technicians and paramedics, who have extensive knowledge of all aspects of patient transport and the Johns Hopkins Health System.