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Johns Hopkins Lifeline


Johns Hopkins Lifeline

A Lifeline helicopter and ambulance

Contact Lifeline:

Johns Hopkins Lifeline
Location: 1800 Orleans St.
Nelson SB-283C
Baltimore, MD 21287

Phone: 410-614-7777

Celebrating 25 Years


In 2017, Lifeline Critical Care Transport and Hopkins Access Line (HAL) celebrated their 25th anniversary. Since their inception in 1992, HAL and Lifeline have worked hand in hand. When a referring physician calls Johns Hopkins to transfer a patient, the call comes into the Hopkins Access Line, where a representative coordinates the transfer of a patient. This could include connecting the physician with an attending doctor and coordinating with bed management and admitting to ensure that a room is available for the patient. Once a room is available, Hopkins Communication Center, or HopComm, then dispatches a Lifeline transportation crew, whether by ambulance or helicopter, to pick up the patient.


Lifeline is now involved in 22,000 air, ground and in-house transports each year. The HAL team currently handles 2,000 calls a week and 900 requests a month for transfers from other hospitals.

Learn more about HAL and videos on Lifeline.

The Lifeline of Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins Lifeline provides advanced life support and critical care services for patients referred to Johns Hopkins-affiliated hospitals in Maryland and Washington, D.C.

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Johns Hopkins Lifeline