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Cancer Chemical and Structural Biology Program

New drugs have been and will continue to be one of the most effective ways to fight cancer. Recent advances in cancer biology and genetics have ushered in a new era of drug discovery and treatment. Developing more effective and less toxic drug therapies that go after the novel targets revealed through this research is a primary goal. The Cancer Chemical and Structural Biology Program brings together faculty with strengths in cancer biology, chemistry, engineering and pharmacology to discover and validate new drug targets and drug leads and to help translate them into new therapies. Investigators are discovering and testing new targets, improving the delivery and effectiveness of existing drug therapies and exploring drug libraries of FDA-approved drugs for their potential to act against cancer. These discoveries are leading to therapies that interfere with the molecular pathways and functions cancer cells rely on to grow and spread, assays that guide the right treatments to the right patients and sophisticated methods that more precisely get drugs into cancer cells where they can go to work on malignant cells and cause less harm to normal cells. These efforts make the Cancer Chemical and Structural Biology Program a hub for translational investigators working to develop and evaluate novel agents and molecular-based diagnostics for cancer.

The Cancer Chemical and Structural Biology Program Leaders: