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August News

Not On My Watch - Dr Arjun Gupta

Dr Arjun Gupta
Dr. Arjun Gupta

Dr Arjun Gupta discusses a 'Cancer Care Chronicles' essay he published in JAMA Oncology, titled ''Not On My Watch.'' In the essay, he shares his experiences as a first year clinical oncology fellow, while caring for a man with colon cancer. The essay is a tribute to the patient, who throughout the journey, taught Dr Gupta several things about life, and affected him both personally and professionally. 



Lung Cancer Matters

Read the latest about the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center progress in Lung Cancer from our experts.


DELFI: The Latest in Cancer Detection

Test tubes with purple liquid

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have developed a simple new blood test that can detect the presence of seven different types of cancer by spotting unique patterns in the fragmentation of DNA shed from cancer cells and circulating in the bloodstream. The test, called DELFI (DNA evaluation of fragments for early interception), accurately detected the presence of cancer DNA in 57% to more than 99% of blood samples from 208 patients with various stages of breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, gastric or bile duct cancers. If their findings are validated in larger studies, the test could be used to screen for cancer by taking a tube of blood from an individual, extracting the cfDNA, studying its genetic sequences and determining the fragmentation profile of the cfDNA.

Sibley Integrative Medicine – Chronic Pain

Dr Rosanne Sheinberg and Harpreet Gujral
Dr Rosanne Sheinberg and Harpreet Gujral

On this edition of the Sibley Integrative Medicine podcast, Dr Rosanne Sheinberg and Harpreet Gujral offer suggestions for dealing with chronic pain, what to discuss with your surgeon to have a better understanding of what to expect following a procedure.


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