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October News

     October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dr. Mary Wilkinson next to under armor logo.
Dr. Mary Wilkinson

A Model for Breast Cancer Care and Wellness

Early in Mary Wilkinson’s training, she was drawn to medical oncology because of the special relationships doctors in this specialty have with patients. Instead of patients passing quickly through her care, she formed long-term relationships with many, by their side from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. Eventually, because so many female patients sought her, she ended up caring exclusively for those with breast cancer. Learn more about breast cancer survivorship through our our newly updated and designed Breast Cancer Program site. 


Breast Matters

Read the latest about the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center progress in Breast Cancer from our experts.

Gregg Semenza
Gregg L. Semenza

Johns Hopkins researcher Gregg Semenza wins 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

"Gregg L. Semenza, whose discoveries on how cells respond to low oxygen levels have the potential to result in treatments for a variety of illnesses, today was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by the Nobel Assembly at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm." Read the full article
Read more about Semenza's discoveries in Promise & Progress: How Cancer Cells Keep Going When Other Cells Stop


Dr. Akila Viswanthan and  Dr Jean Wright
Dr. Akila Viswanthan and  Dr. Jean Wright

On Target with Dr. Akila Viswanathan – Breast Cancer

In this edition of the On Target podcast, Dr. Akila Viswanathan talks with Dr. Jean Wright from Sibley Memorial Hospital about treating breast cancer. Dr. Wright explains the different types of breast cancer and their frequency of diagnosis.


Blog & Podcasts

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Our blog and podcasts provide access to the doctors and care providers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center who are at the forefront of breakthrough research and novel treatment options as well as insights into managing all of the aspects that arise from receiving therapy.


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