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Research and Discovery

As part of the collaboration, a fund for cancer research has been established that spans bench to bedside research interests at Johns Hopkins and Allegheny Health Network. Research will focus on basic, translational, clinical and population studies that aim to reveal cancer triggers and treatments, develop clinical trials of new treatments, and quality of life and survival outcomes research. Johns Hopkins and AHN physicians/scientists, researchers and other health professionals are eligible to apply for research grants focused on cancer discovery and patient care. More information, including eligibility and grant requirements, are available through

How do I determine if I am eligible to apply for a Hopkins-AHN Award?

Each application requires a Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center member or AHN researcher as PI or Co-PI. There is a limit of one application per Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center member or AHN researcher as PI or Co-PI. Applications that propose collaborations between the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center and AHN researchers will be favorably received.
  • Are there specific requirements for the type of cancer or the research approach?
No. Applications are welcome that focus on a specific cancer type or that address issues that span features that are common across multiple cancers. Applications that have the potential to bring new approaches and expertise to bear on important problems in cancer research will be favorably received.
  • Will we receive comments or feedback regarding our applications?
No. Neither scores nor comments will be returned to applicants.
  • What types of expenses can be budgeted?
The budget should describe in one page or less how funds would be distributed among personnel, supplies, and equipment. Faculty salaries can be included or excluded at the preference of the applicant. Budgets can be proposed that should include direct costs per year, for up to two years. No indirect costs can be included.
  • Can the aims of this proposal overlap with other funding?
No. Hopkins-AHN awards must propose aims that are distinct from other funded projects. This will be assessed on a Just In Time basis by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center staff following review and prior to the final announcement of Awards.