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Reconstructive Breast Surgery

Restoring Body and Mind

Reconstructive surgery can rebuild your self-image after cancer, restoring appearance, functionality and mobility. If breast-conserving surgery such as lumpectomy is not a viable option for you, your surgeon may perform a mastectomy. A mastectomy involves the surgical removal of all the breast tissue.

Major achievements have been made in breast reconstruction following mastectomy surgery. Advanced techniques have given plastic surgeons the tools to rebuild the breast in such a way that your silhouette is once again whole. Our breast reconstruction specialists at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center have the experience and expertise necessary, using the most effective and innovative techniques available. They also will help you decide when to have reconstructive breast surgery and which option is best for you.  

Experience You Trust - Results You Count On

Our highly trained reconstructive breast surgeons have successfully completed reconstructions for hundreds of women, delivering consistent, state-of-the-art outcomes with 97 to 99 percent success rates. They are experienced at creative techniques, such as fat grafting, which can use fat from your body as a way to naturally shape the breast. Though revisions to your original procedure may need to be done over time, each result is improved.

Meet our team of plastic and reconstructive breast surgeons.