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Breast Cancer Program

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Treatment & Services

The Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center's Breast Cancer Program is ushering in a new era of cancer medicine. We are transforming cancer medicine and making a difference in people’s lives all around the world with connected and coordinated care.

Typically patients encounter a fragmented cancer care system that can be both chaotic and costly. At Johns Hopkins, our multidisciplinary cancer clinics combine the very best resources and specialists—all within a single location—for a highly coordinated experience that delivers exceptional care while conserving time, money and energy.

Patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer can come to the Breast Cancer Program and have multiple specialists review their pathology, radiology and other tests, and be provided a treatment recommendation and plan. Meet our team of breast cancer specialists.

Our clinics have been so successful that we are expanding our services. The Under Armour Breast Innovation Center, planned for 2018, will house the Breast Cancer Program and continue to make entry to the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, and its system of diagnosing and treatment planning as simple, rapid and patient-friendly as possible.

Personalized Medicine

At Johns Hopkins, we are studying ways to tailor treatment to each person’s genetic code. Researchers in the Breast Cancer Program study biomarkers, genes or gene products found in tumor tissue or in the blood that can be used to detect or monitor disease. By looking at each individual’s genetic makeup, our team is studying the best ways to determine who is more likely to respond to treatment, suffer side effects and how to manage them.