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By 2026, cancer deaths will have been reduced by 50%
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BKI's innovative cancer treatments have added 300,000 years to patients' lives.
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15 different cancers can be treated by immunotherapy drugs pioneered at BKI.
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Our researchers and doctors are using cutting-edge immune-based treatments to find new ways to fight cancer and save lives.
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We pioneered the leading therapies saving lives today, and we are working on the most promising therapies of tomorrow. Get answers to your questions.
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Our Patients, Our Doctors and Nurses: A Partnership
Brenda's Story
Brenda has been battling triple-negative breast cancer since 1986. Despite radiation, chemotherapy and treatment with an experimental cancer vaccine, her breast cancer continued to return and spread. After joining Dr. Leisha Emens' anti- PD-L1 trial in 2015, her cancer went into remission and remains in remission today.
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About the Institute
Founded in 2016 with a series of philanthropic investments totaling $125 million, the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy is a groundbreaking collaboration between clinical and scientific specialties, supporting cancer immunotherapy research across many cancer types.
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