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The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

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Pastoral Care

Whether you are a new cancer survivor or have been in remission for some time, you may have felt some of the following emotions at one time or another.  These are all normal feelings of normal people who are facing very abnormal changes in their lives.  Just as the stress of cancer can be great, so is the spiritual support that is here for you at the Cancer Center.

What Are Some Common Emotions?

  • Hopelessness, anger, or grief
  • Isolation form your faith community
  • Wearied or worried by many problems
  • Conflict between treatment and your faith
  • Distance from the Higher Power you believe in
  • Guilt about things you have done or not done
  • Questioning why this happened to you
  • Wondering about life, death, or afterlife.

For Additional Information:

  • The Chaplain is available daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm in The Patient and Family Services Suite 1210 near the Juice and Java Café in the Weinberg Building.  Feel free to drop in or call 410-502-1500 to arrange a special time to get together with him in a comfortable place, at your convenience.
  • The Meditation Room is also next to the Juice and Java in the Main Lobby.  It offers a quiet, peaceful, and non-denominational setting for prayer, reading, or reflection and is open at all times.
  • For urgent needs, call the Department of Pastoral Services at 410-955-5842.

Ask the Expert

Answers to your general questions on a variety of ovarian cancer topics.