Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Center

We know when there is a concern about cancer, patients experience significant anxiety, particularly in the absence of answers. The process of finding those answers can be disjointed and lengthy. If you are concerned that your patient may have a cancer diagnosis, then the Johns Hopkins Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Planning Center can help.

This Center provides timely access and a coordinated diagnostic process to confirm or rule out the diagnosis of cancer, and to determine the stage and treatment options, if cancer is confirmed.

Staffed by an experienced cancer nurse practitioner and under the direction of our tumor-specific medical oncologists and surgeons, we are dedicated to providing prompt accessibility, compassionate care and excellent communication to patients and referring physicians.

If you need assistance with a patient you are concerned may have cancer, please call 410-955-1448, or email [email protected]. If you are a patient, please have your physician contact the Center directly at the number above.

Eligible Patient Criteria:

  • Suspicious imaging study
  • Abnormal finding from a biopsy, imaging study, or lab testing
  • Palpable lump