Current Pediatric and Congenital Heart Research

Our current research efforts span all types of pediatric and adult congenital cardiovascular topics. See our current research efforts, including clinical trials and collaborations and more, below

Basic & Translational Research 

Clinical Trials and Outcomes

For a complete list of available clinical trials, please visit the database at the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translation Research. You can also search by condition, researcher or doctor's name.

Medical Device Design

Danielle Gottlieb-Sen

Prospective Measurement of Impedance during Cardiac Catheterization to Build a Non-Invasive Cardiac Output Algorithm

Major Goals: Using a custom built bioimpedance and NIRS-based device, we will prospectively evaluate the relationship between monitored waveform data and gold standard monitors. In addition, we aim to build algorithms predictive of cardiac output for patients with congenital heart disease. 

Investigating Bio-Impedance and Near Infrared Spectroscopy Waveform Characteristics in Healthy Infants

Major Goals: Using a custom-build bioimpedance and NIRS-based device, we will evaluate waveform characteristics in healthy newborns.

A Study to Determine the Optimal Detector-Emitter NIRS Configuration in Pediatric Patients

Major Goals: Using a custom-built benchtop model and computational models, we will configure a novel device for early detection of necrotizing enterocolitis in newborns with congenital heart disease.



Data Science and Informatics