Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

Coordinated, Compassionate Care for Your Child

Our multidisciplinary Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (PCICU) team is committed to caring for all patients with acquired and congenital heart disease from fetal life to adulthood. Our team of cardiac intensivists, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, cardiac anesthesiologists and nurses collaborate in a state-of-the-art facility to provide high-quality care. We partner with patients, their families and the community to ensure an outstanding experience and optimal long term outcomes.

Why Choose Johns Hopkins

Our cardiac critical care experts offer you and your family:

More success

Data on our exceptional rate of successful pediatric surgical outcomes are shared openly with national databases, and available to you and the public.

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More clarity

We talk to you, and, more importantly, we listen. You will understand every step and recommendation so you can feel empowered and informed.

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More expertise

Our experts in critical care medicine undergo additional training far beyond standard cardiac critical care. This ensures your child has the highest level of expertise by their side.

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More connections

If needed, your child has access to other teams of experts across Johns Hopkins, including specialists in rehabilitation.

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Our Services

We provide comprehensive care for children of all ages diagnosed with congenital and acquired heart disease.