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the team David Hackam, center. Clockwise from left: Dorothy Halberg, Thomas Prindle, William Fulton, Diego Nino, Hongpeng Jia, Peng Lu, Chhinder Sodhi. Not shown: Ykihiro Yamaguchi, Heather Thomas, Jungeun (Monica) Sung

 Principal Investigator

David J. Hackam, M.D., Ph.D.
Surgeon-in-Chief, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center
Professor of Surgery

Scientists/Research Faculty

Chhinder P. Sodhi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Peng Lu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Hongpeng Jia, Ph.D.
Instructor of Surgery

Diego Nino, M.D. Ph.D.
Research Associate

Yukihiro Yamaguchi, Ph.D.
Research Associate

Graduate Students

Jungeun Sung
Dorothy Hallberg
Heather Wick


William Fulton, M.S.
Lab Manager

Thomas Prindle
Lab Animal Manager

Administrative Support

Reatha Holt
Administrative Supervisor

Contact Us

The Hackam Laboratory
Location: Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Edward D. Miller Research Building
733 N. Broadway, Room 471

For all lab inquiries, including questions regarding available positions, reagents or protocols, please contact:
David Hackam, M.D., Ph.D.
Location: Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Principal investigator
You will be directed to the appropriate individual on our team.