Medical Student Education

Medical student education is offered at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center through The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The pediatrics clerkship and subinternships are part of the School of Medicine’s "Genes to Society" M.D. curriculum. Prospective students are invited to learn more about the admissions process as well as to explore the resources offered here.

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Subinternships are provided as four-week electives throughout the calendar year. Enrollment in any one of these subinternships is sufficient for residency application in pediatrics. Students must complete the Pediatrics Clerkship before participating in a subinternship.

Every year, notification is sent out to eligible students informing them of subinternship blocks and requesting their preferences via email. Scheduling is then completed through the Registrar’s Office.

Subinternships Offered

Inpatient Pediatrics (Neill and Zinkham Teams): A subinternship experience on a ward service in the Children’s Center which includes primary responsibility for patients admitted to that service. The subintern may have night shift responsibilities. Team consists of senior residents, interns, medical students (when the basic clerkship is in session), ward attending and teaching attending.

Emergency Medicine: A subinternship experience in which the student evaluates and treats children presenting to the Pediatric Emergency Department, with duties approximate to the workload of a pediatric intern. Team consists of senior residents, interns, attendings and medical students (when the basic clerkship is in session).

Harriet Lane Clinic: The acute care Harriet Lane team sees pediatric patients, aged birth to 21 years, for acute complaints, newborn visits and immunizations. The subintern performs histories and physical exams, presents to the senior resident, fellow or faculty attending, participates in decisions regarding treatment plans, and communicates with the patient’s primary care provider as necessary. The subintern also works closely with the HLC social workers, nurses, child life specialists, legal advocate and mental health counselors in providing care to their patients. Team consists of senior resident, interns, preceptor and medical student (when the basic clerkship is in session).

Policy on Visiting Medical Students and Subinternships

Currently, the Department of Pediatrics is not accepting visiting medical students for their subinternships. However, visiting medical students are accepted for clinical electives. Only students from LCME-accredited medical schools are eligible to do clinical electives. Students whose schools do not have LCME accreditation may do research electives. 

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