News Releases

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Johns Hopkins Children's Center Study Shows Negative Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Youth Minority Mental Health


Study Shows HIV Remission Is Possible for Children Started on Very Early Antiretroviral Therapy


Study Led by Johns Hopkins Medicine Finds Injectable Drug Used to Treat Asthma and Other Allergic Conditions May Limit Reactions in People with Multiple Food Allergies


Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Study Finds Cost-Driven Housing Moves Lead to Disruptions in Federal Assistance Programs


Study Finds AI–Driven Eye Exams Increase Screening Rates for Youth with Diabetes


A Healthy and Happy New Year — Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Experts Are Available to Offer Tips to Kick-start Wellness Habits for Children


Study Affirms Benefit of Very Early Antiretroviral Therapy Within Hours of Birth for Newborns with HIV


How to Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season — Johns Hopkins Children's Center Experts Are Available to Offer Advice for Families


Ketogenic Diet Becomes Life-saving Treatment for 4-Year-Old Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Patient with Epilepsy, Doctors Say


Back-To-School Basics — Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Experts Available to Discuss Kick-Starting a Healthy, Successful School Year