A Healthy and Happy New Year — Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Experts Are Available to Offer Tips to Kick-start Wellness Habits for Children


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Each year, many people make New Year’s resolutions to kick-start positive change in their life. New goals that focus on health and well-being are often at the top of the list. Resolutions aren’t just for adults — they are for kids too. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center experts are available to offer tips for parents to help their children improve habits for a healthier and happier lifestyle in 2024.

Kickstart Healthy Eating

Making healthier food choices, staying hydrated and eating a diet full of nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies and whole grains, with minimal processed foods and sugar, is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center pediatric endocrinologists Risa Wolf. and Stephanie Green are available to discuss tips to help parents teach children the importance of eating nourishing food and encourage well-balanced nutrition. They can also offer advice on how to form effective habits and make eating nutritious foods fun.

Stay Active and Move Your Body to Feel Better and Stronger 

Regular exercise can help keep kids healthy in the short and long term. Whether it is taking a walk as a family or getting children involved in sports or other activities, encouraging kids to move every day can start a healthy habit in the year. Paul Sponseller chief of the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Division of Pediatric Orthopaedics, and pediatric sports medicine specialist R. Jay Lee can share insight to help get kids motivated and form lifelong active routines, and to feel stronger and more energized.

Manage Stress, Anxiety and Screen Time

Stress and anxiety can have negative effects on children physically, mentally and emotionally. Plus, while social media and electronic devices such as cellphones or tablets can make people feel more connected, too much screen time can lead to health concerns, such as sleep or behavioral issues. Johns Hopkins Children’s Center child psychologists Joseph McGuire  and Erika Chiappini can provide tips for parents to help children navigate stress and anxiety, as well as to manage screen time, in 2024.

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