Co-Directors' Message

Welcome to Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

With George Dover stepping down in July 2016 after two amazing decades as director of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, we now represent new leadership. Our mission is not unlike that of Dr. Dover’s: to build a healthier future for children based upon superb family-centered care, part of our tripartite mission.

As an institution with a deep and revered history of innovation and discovery — from the first “blue baby” surgery to our minimally invasive robotic surgeries — we are proud to stand with our feet strongly planted both in our local community and as a household name in the United States and around the world.

In Baltimore, we are working through our very own Rales Center to end health barriers to academic success and provide glasses to city students, among other initiatives. We have a new program in our Emergency Department to interrupt the cycle of youth gun violence. We also launched Y2Connect, a website and app designed to connect Baltimore youth to local health services and resources. Our new outpatient hemodialysis center, the only one of its kind in Maryland, will allow families to stay local for treatment at our world-class facility.

On the surgical side, our premier multidisciplinary THRIVE center is dedicated to the study and care of children with short bowel syndrome. We are developing other centers of excellence in colorectal, fetal medicine and pediatric surgical oncology, among others. Our new pediatric cardiac ICU is devoted to the care of children with congenital heart disease and other cardiac conditions, and our Pediatric Burn Center is designated Maryland’s regional pediatric burn center.

We continue to deliver unparalleled patient care and conduct research across the spectrum, bringing new therapies that have increased the survival and quality of life for thousands of children. And we’re extremely grateful to our donors for allowing us to nurture our research pipeline to accelerate development of these new therapies.

In tackling change we’re following the wisdom of Dr. Dover, who likes to say, “Change is like oxygen — we need it to survive, but also to embrace opportunities ahead” on behalf of children and families.

David Hackam, M.D., Ph.D.