Computer/JHED Access

ALL students (graduate and undergraduate) and faculty needing computer/JHED access:

Complete these forms: New User ID Request Form , IS Confidentiality Agreement and the HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Under "Employee Needing Account," indicate your role (i.e. instructor, nursing student, NP student). Fill in all information requested. Failure to complete all items may result in a delay obtaining access.
  • Where possible, please type your information directly into the form before printing to sign. Scan and email all forms to Cathy Lindauer, DNP, RN, CEN, at [email protected].

Epic training for nursing students and on-site instructors:

All nursing students (undergraduate, graduate or NP) and on-site instructors who need documentation access to the patient record must complete Epic training. Training is dependent upon role/level (undergraduate or graduate) of the student. This level is determined when the IS forms are submitted by the individual needing access.

All on-site instructors must complete the same Epic e-learnings as the nursing students they are accompanying to the clinical. On-site instructors must also complete an eight-hour, in-person Epic class. To schedule this class, please email [email protected].

Find out more about how to access the Epic e-learnings and schedule an in-person class.

For NP students only:

How to enroll in Epic Medical Student Training

Please note: If any of the requested information on any of the forms is incomplete, access will be delayed or denied. All submitted forms must be returned in PDF format, scanned and emailed to [email protected]. Electronic signatures will not be accepted.