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Trauma and Bleeding

Embolization is a well-established interventional radiology technique that is used to treat trauma victims with massive bleeding, to control hemorrhage after childbirth and as a treatment prior to surgery to decrease blood loss. Some treatments interventional radiologists provide are a less invasive option than surgical removal of all or part of the organ, such as in liver trauma and spleen trauma.

Trauma and Bleeding Conditions: Why Choose Johns Hopkins?

  • We offer highly specialized interventional services using state-of-the-art equipment in a compassionate, caring environment
  • Our minimally invasive image-guided treatments deliver tiny radioactive beads directly to tumors through the arteries.
  • At Johns Hopkins, we commit to continuously advancing radiological services for trauma and bleeding conditions. 

Therapeutic Procedures

A nurse, physician assistant or medical affairs coordinator will work closely with your referring physician to coordinate your care and will provide instructions before your appointment. 

  • Embolization of vascular bleeding
  • Localized treatment for embolization from trauma and postsurgical, benign setting
  • Any artery bleeding

Our Experts

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