Inside Imaging Newsletter- January 2024

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2023 at Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging

Thank you for partnering with us to care for your patients this past year. We look forward to 2024 with plans to expand our services, upgrade equipment, and continue to provide high-quality imaging.

For an updated list of our participating insurances, please read more.

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Start the New Year with Wellness Screenings

Johns Hopkins Medical Imaging locations offer a range of screening exams including DEXA, Virtual Colonoscopy, Cardiac CT Calcium Score, and CT Lung Screening scans. Read about each exam and how patients with certain risk factors may benefit online. These exams can be scheduled online through MyChart or by calling 443-997-7237.

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Cardiac CTA: Critical Patient Prep

Optimizing patient heart rates before their Cardiac CTA appointment allows for shorter patient wait times, better image quality and reliability, and allows us to achieve the ideal heart rate more quickly for this exam. We ask for your assistance by prescribing patients pre-cardiac CT beta blockades. Click to read more for suggested regimes and relative contraindications.

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Avoiding Peer-to-Peers

Our goal is to provide you and your patient with a seamless imaging experience. To avoid the need for a peer-to-peer with an insurance company’s medical director, read about what to include in clinical notes as well as the scheduling process for exams requiring pre-authorization. Critical items include a dated history of past visits, labs, and imaging as well as a list of already pursued alternate treatment options.

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Order Wisely: Body CT

Read about the imaging appropriateness criteria for CT imaging of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis for common conditions and diseases including when to order without contrast, only with IV contrast, or with and without IV contrast.