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Testimonials: Henry Weiner

Henry Weiner
Senior Documentation Analyst
Health Information Management

Henry Weiner

I knew that Howard County General Hospital was going to be a very special place to work the first time I met our president, Mr. Broccolino, in one of the hospital hallways. We had a regular conversation and it was a great experience.

The hospital where I worked before had a very different atmosphere. The only time I saw the president was during meetings in a huge auditorium. He was at a podium and there were more than 500 employees in the audience.

At HCGH we have our meetings in a board room, with Vic and a dozen or so others. It makes you feel very much at home when you get to know people in the hallways, the cafeteria, the front desk and the new parking garage. You meet pleasant faces every day – people just like you who are struggling with the same problems – and you feel a bond.

For me, HCGH has been a great place to work!