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Float Pool Opportunities

At HCGH, we know flexibility is important to many nurses.
We have a float pool option for you.

Regular hours with benefits.

We will put you through a classroom and clinical orientation to prepare you to work in many areas of the hospital.

  • Full- or part-time; 8- or 12-hour shifts. Quarterly bonus to reward flexibility for full-time.
  • Weekend Alternative: 12-hour wknd. position for premium rate; 3 weekends off per year.
  • Mon.-Fri. Shifts Only: Eves or night 64-80 hours/pay period--no weekends or holidays.

Basic 3-Unit PRN Pool

  • Must be able to work in at least three different areas. Examples are 3 Med/Surg units, Maternal Child, Newborn Nursery and Pediatrics; Intensive Care, Emergency Department and Chest Pain/Short Stay Unit.
  • Minimum availability is three weekdays and one weekend shift in a 28-day schedule.
  • Eight and 12-hour shifts are available.
  • One winter holiday requirement.

Weekend 3-Unit PRN Pool

  • Must work 5, 12-hour weekend shifts in a 28-day schedule. Weekend shifts include day shift Saturday and Sunday, and night shift Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Must be able to work in at least three different areas.
  • A winter and summer holiday is required.