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Johns Hopkins Graduate Medical Education

University Health Services


Emergency Fund 

Emergency funds of no more than $1000 per academic year per person are available from the House Staff Council with no expectation of repayment. These funds are intended solely for emergency needs such as emergent housing needs, extraordinary travel expenses to attend a family member's funeral, a visit to a dying family member, or other similarly serious circumstance. This fund excludes reimbursement for deductibles and co-pays related to health insurance.  Contact for the application.

Meal Card

Balances can be checked by clicking here or calling Member Services at 888-495-0222 (only available from 8am – 8pm)

Free Classes

There are number of free classes, offered by the Welch Library, to support professional development for research and education, and are useful to clniicians . Many fill up a month or so in advance.   Here is the link for registering (need to sign in through jhed id):
Classes include:  PubMed: Search Like a Pro,  Introduction to Grant Writing,  Writing Effective Abstracts,  Finding Funding for your Research,  EndNote Basics (a reference manager for writing papers and grants

Educational Opportunities

The GME Office sponsors several educational opportunities outside of the training program.

An Overview of the new Building

Please click here to see a powerpoint presentation of the new Sheikh Zayed Critical Care Tower and the Charlotte Bloomberg Children's Center. 

Lactation Rooms

Johns Hopkins’ registered lactation rooms, located throughout our campuses and office buildings, offer a private space for employees needing to express milk while at work. Our registered rooms are equipped with hospital-grade pumps and other comforts such as vending machines with pump-related items.