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December 2021

Cole Papkryrikos, Pediatrics

"Cole consistently goes above and beyond in patient care, communicating effectively with patients and families from a variety of backgrounds and through challenging situations."

Cole Papkryrikos

Rachel Goldberg, Internal Medicine

"Rachel was one of the first senior residents I worked with as an intern. She received rave reviews before I started, but she exceeded all of my expectations. She is a great leader who allowed us to have so much independence on the wards while always making sure patients were safe. She forced us to take coffee and food breaks when we didn't feel like we could and demonstrated good time management skills. She will be a phenomenal cardiologist next year though I'll miss having her here at Hopkins."

Rachel Goldberg

November 2021

Katy Dumas, GYN/OB

"Katy rocked an incredibly difficult rotation with an unprecedented busy antepartum service, simultaneously helped cover labor and delivery as a chief, and found ways to check in on and support several interns in the process. In addition, she continues to be a strong advocate for resident well-being in all of her work."

Katy Dumas

Anthony Divito, Anesthesia and Critical Care

Dr. Divito is humble yet intelligent beyond belief, always willing to help and stay late, always able to lift the spirits of his peers and co-residents.

Anthony Divito

October 2021

Ranim Alsaad, General Surgery

"Dr. Alsaad's dedication to her patients goes well above and beyond what is expected from any resident, physician, or member of the care team. She consistently balances evidence-based care with compassion, friendliness, and warmth."

Ranim Alsaad

Ohmin Kwon, PM&R

"Ohmin is an exceptional co-resident! He is selfless and a hard worker. He never hesitates to help out his colleagues and always has a positive attitude. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from and work with him."

Ohmin Kwon

September 2021

Amitte Rosenfeld, Medicine/Pediatrics

"Amitte is the doctor I wish I were: always present, always thoughtful, always kind. Her knowledge base is broad. Her attention to detail is unmatched. But above all she cares deeply about everyone, including or especially her co-residents. She demonstrates the highest level of compassion, integrity, curiosity, and determination with each and every patient she encounters. I am constantly in awe of the care she provides."

Amitte Rosenfeld

Sai Divakaruni, Neurology

"Sai is an incredible resident who goes above and beyond for patient care. He has outstanding rapport with patients and always has a smile on his face to cheer up fellow residents. He is dedicated to teaching other residents and students on the team, always with encouragement and humility."

Sai Divakaruni

August 2021

Ryan Planchard, Neurosurgery

"Ryan is consistently professional, extremely responsive, and has a deep understanding of medical imaging. He's calm and affable even when we are discussing difficult and time sensitive emergencies and has developed a great reputation among both the clinical and radiology departments."

Ryan Planchard

Annie LaVigne, Radiation Oncology

"Dr. LaVigne is one of the most authentic, generous, and bright individuals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She always goes the extra mile with patients, ensuring the best hand-off possible to provide seamless interdisciplinary coordination of care."

Annie LaVigne

July 2021

Jaden Kohn, OB/GYN

"Dr. Kohn goes the extra mile for patients on an unrelenting basis. Her notes are detailed and descriptive and show the complex medical and social thinking she does about each patient and each of their problems. You look at her and wonder where she has the time and energy to care for patients like she does; As a co-resident, she keeps a sense of humor about her and always pitches in to help... Hopkins is lucky to have her."

Jaden Kohn

Alexis Chidi, General Surgery

"Dr. Chidi provides excellent patient care and consistently goes above and beyond. She is a great teacher to not only junior members of the team, but other members including nursing team, APPs, and students. She is a team player who ensures that all members of the team are included and involved."

Alexis Chidi