Mission Statement

We provide house staff representation on major Johns Hopkins institutions' committees including the Medical Board, the Faculty Senate, the Administrative Committee, Committees on Quality & Safety, Risk Management, Ethics Committee, and the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). In so doing, the Council provides input into policies on patient care, the community, and decisions affecting the house staff such as the efficient use of house staff time, and salary and benefit planning. We also represent the house staff in broader issues concerning their working conditions and well-being.

Get Involved

To be effective, the Council needs the participation and assistance of all members of the house staff. Each department has at least two elected representatives on the House Staff Council, which meets the second Tuesday of each month. House staff interested in serving on the Council should contact an HSC representative. Your suggestions and comments are necessary and always welcome. Feel free to contact the officers of the HSC directly.

  • The Dome by Jenna Milstein.

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  • Dine and Dash volunteers by Kathleen Hiltz.

  • Hopkins socks by Rohini Bhatia and Rad Onc.

  • October 2021 photo challenge winners.

  • HSC Halloween Candy Challenge by Carmen Kut.

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  • Baltimore sunrise by Annie Lavigne and Rad Onc.

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