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Current Initiatives

Survey of Problematic Rotations for Duty Hours

Please fill out this completely anonymous survey to report any rotations that result in frequent duty-hours violations.

Professional Development

We are excited to offer a series of professional and leadership development workshops and seminars tailored to house staff.  We welcome any comments or topic suggestions.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Sleepy - Taxi Service

If you or a colleague are too sleepy to drive home safely, please DON'T RISK IT!  Take a taxi home and back. Save your receipts. Your department is obligated to reimburse you.

Call Rooms

Departmental administrators and resident representatives survey call rooms regularly to ensure that they are clean and well-maintained with a regular supply of fresh
linens.  Any problems? Send us an email.

Health Insurance

We have negotiated improvements in coverage and services for mental health and infertility. Additionally, we have aided in expediting the Employee Health Plan claims and services process.

Safety & Security

We continue to work with the hospital to improve the safety and working conditions of students, residents, faculty and fellows.

Meal Cards & Food Availability

We have a cardswipe system in place and 24 hour ability to purchase food in the hospital. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with it or have suggestions on how to improve it.


HSC is committed to ensuring house staff have access to affordable, accessible parking. If issues or concerns regarding parking arise, please contact your HSC departmental representative or any of the HSC executives.

Resident Portal

All House Staff, when logging into my.jhmi, have access to a Resident Portal. This is constantly updated with upcoming events, important announcements, and links to important websites and resources.

Resident Wellness Initiative

HSC will begin to focus on wellness amongst the residents at Johns Hopkins. Each meeting will have a resident appreciation, display of resident hobbies (photography, poetry, recipes), and recommendations for Baltimore events.