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Every year the House Staff Council selects residents to represent the house staff on influential hospital committees. Committee representatives serve to voice resident opinions on vital issues that impact all house staff including:

  • Residency education
  • Quality of care
  • Ethics
  • Medical students
  • Hospital support services
  • Laboratory services
  • Risk management

Clinical Data and Documentation Committee

This committee reviews and evaluates the medical record for quality, content, format, pertinence, accuracy, and accessibility; provides recommendations for improvement of current formats; and monitors staff compliance with documentation policies.

Critical Care Committee

This committee monitors utilization of ICU resources and quality of care in ICUs and makes recommendations to the Medical Board on issues related to the provision of critical care, patient transport, alert hours, and organization of ICUs.

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee provides consultation to care providers and patients concerning ethical questions, educates health care workers on how to resolve ethical dilemmas, and addresses organizational ethical issues, among other functions.

Graduate Medical Education Committee

The GMEC is responsible for overseeing all academic affairs of the housestaff.  This committee oversees all 99 of the accredited residency and fellowship programs and communicates directly with the Medical Board and the ACGME.

University Health Services Committee

This committee deals with issues related to medical and dental insurance coverage for housestaff, University health services, and other medical benefits.

Hospital Services Subcommittee

This subcommittee of the GMEC is responsible for all non-academic aspects of housestaff training including call rooms, phlebotomy, meal tickets, and safety.

Laboratory Advisory Committee

This committee reviews lab services for quality and timeliness; assists in educating staff on the appropriate use of lab services; assesses appropriateness of test ordering, effective utilization and interpretation; provides recommenations to the Medical Board and to the Department of Pathology on how to improve lab services.

Medical Care Evaluation Committee

This committee evaluates the quality and appropriateness of medical care in the hospital and identifies and reviews hospital-wide patient care issues.

Faculty Senate

The Council addresses any and all issues concerning the Medical School and makes recommendations and proposals to the Dean and the Advisory Board of the Medical School.

Patient Safety Committee

This committee develops and implements policies and processes related to patient safety in the hospital; reviews hospital risk reduction activities; and creates patient safety education programs.

Quality Improvement Council

This Council acts to coordinate, direct, and evaluate all departmental perfomance improvement activities under a centralized program that reports to the Medical Board and Board of Trustees.

Risk Management

This committee monitors the hospital-wide incident reporting system; develops processes to reduce actual or potential patient risk; identifies trends among incidents and provides recommendations to the appropriate committees for further action

You can contact your representatives directly for issues or questions pertaining to their respective committees