Johns Hopkins’ Approach to High-Value Health Care

We are committed to the following approaches:

Help Keep You Healthy

By sharing information and resources, we try to help you prevent diseases from developing or worsening.

keeping you healthy

Avoid Unnecessary Tests and Treatment

The tests we order and medications we prescribe are those we believe will make you better.

avoiding unneeded tests

Follow Best Practices

We embed evidence based guidelines in the electronic medical record to ensure patients are receiving state of the art care.

brain scan image

Talk with You About Your Care

Before, during and after your care, we make sure you understand the medications and activities we’ve prescribed.

doctor and patient talking

Provide Access to Care

We partner with outpatient facilities and community practices to provide more services in your community. When appropriate, we offer video visits so you don’t have to leave your house.

Green Spring Station Pavilion III

Advancements in High-Value Health Care

Johns Hopkins is turning its talents toward transforming care, to refine the best health care in the world to be more effective and affordable. Here is a look at the progress we’ve made over the past decade.

Improve the Quality and Affordability of Health Care

Leaders and care team members across Johns Hopkins Medicine are committed to improving the quality and affordability of health care by maximizing the value of the care we provide, and by leading the national conversation about high-value care. We’re doing this by using established clinical practice guidelines to determine when we can reduce unnecessary tests or use new technologies to provide better care at a lower cost.