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Johns Hopkins Medicine wants to ensure all clinical care professionals — employed at our locations as well as at other practices, hospitals and health systems around the world — have the ability to grow their knowledge of care practices that improve patient outcomes and minimize costs to patients. Busy schedules demand that resources are readily available so you can make the best decisions for your patients.

For Johns Hopkins Care Providers

Appropriate Use Criteria

Physicians can access appropriate use guidelines for imaging in eight clinical priority areas established by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

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For Medical Students and Care Providers

hvpaa group leaders

The High Value Practice Academic (HVPA) was founded in 2016 by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine experts to serve as a national forum for institutions to collaborate on quality improvement, education and research related to high-value care and to engage trainees in this work. The consortium begin as an academic collaborative with representation from 100 teaching institutions across the nation, and opened membership to any medical center in 2023. As a way to disseminate best practices in high-value care, HVPA:

For Clinicians

Check out the high-value health care page on Clinical Connection, our physician portal. Discover the latest in biomedical research and clinical innovation from Johns Hopkins experts. Enjoy educational videos and engaging peer-to peer articles, and learn about clinical trials and CME courses available from our world-renowned institution.