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Vein Center

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Advanced care by vascular specialists

The Johns Hopkins Vein Centers offer the latest minimally invasive and surgical treatments for varicose and spider veins and venous insufficiency. Many people suffer from leg pain, swelling, and/or heaviness in the legs, and in addition to being uncomfortable, some varicose veins can become more serious if they are not treated.

Previously, patients were treated with a vein removal procedure called vein stripping, which was painful and had a long recovery time. Now, there are technologies and techniques that involve less pain, good cosmetic results and an easy recovery. Such treatment techniques include sclerotherapy, thermocoagulation (Veinwave™) and radiofrequency closure (VNUS® Closure).

Who performs these procedures is as important as the technologies themselves. The specialists at the Johns Hopkins Vein Centers are board certified vascular surgeons who are trained to treat all kinds of vascular problems. With several offices located conveniently throughout the Baltimore area, the Johns Hopkins Vein Centers are here to serve you.

Most varicose vein procedures are covered by a patient’s health insurance.

To find out more about varicose vein treatment and other vascular procedures, or to be evaluated for venous conditions, please contact us.

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