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Peripheral Arterial Disease

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Treating the Whole Patient

An estimated 8 million Americans are affected by peripheral arterial disease, also known as peripheral artery disease (PAD). This condition can cause leg discomfort when walking or more serious problems such as pain in the foot at rest, toe ulcers, toe infections and gangrene. The Johns Hopkins multidisciplinary vascular and endovascular team is dedicated to optimizing the patient’s vascular health, not just treating arterial blockages. Our team develops a personalized treatment plan for each patient diagnosed with PAD.


We are dedicated to treating the whole patient, not just lesions.

-Christopher Abularrage, vascular surgeon


Our Team

Our nationally recognized vascular and endovascular surgery specialists provide complete vascular care, including noninvasive diagnostic testing methods, risk factor control, medical management, minimally invasive catheter-based endovascular balloon angioplasty and stent procedures, and traditional open bypass surgery, and also have available the newest technologies under development — which may not be available elsewhere — to treat patients. Not only are our team members experts in the management of vascular disease, but they are leaders in the development of unique hybrid/collaborative approaches and new evolving technologies to treat the most complex and difficult clinical problems.

Our Locations

Peripheral artery disease experts see patients in one of four locations in Baltimore City and Columbia, Maryland.

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