Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot and Wound Service

Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot and Wound Clinic Team

Three Disciplines, One Mission:
Limb Salvage

The Johns Hopkins Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot and Wound Service is a comprehensive, inpatient and outpatient, multi-specialty aimed at healing the recurrent ulceration and decreasing rate of major amputations in diabetic patients. The team is composed of vascular surgeons, surgical podiatrists, endocrinologists, wound care nurses, advanced practice staff, board certified wound care specialists, orthopedic surgeons, infection disease experts, physical therapists and certified orthotists.

Since the clinic's inception in July 2012, we have performed over one thousand procedures aimed at limb preservation and we have one of the lowest major amputation rates in the country.

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Diabetic Foot Wounds Treatment | FAQ

Vascular surgeons Christopher Abularrage and Caitlin Hicks discuss the team's philosophy of care, treatment options, research and outcomes.