Comprehensive Care Advanced Treatment for Resistant Hypertension

Johns Hopkins Resistant Hypertension Center

Our center collaborates with the Division of General Internal Medicine’s Hypertension Center to provide specialized treatment for patients diagnosed with resistant hypertension.

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Why Choose Johns Hopkins to Treat Resistant Hypertension?

Our center provides specialized treatment for complex high blood pressure disorders for all patients. Learn more about what makes our center unique.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our multidisciplinary team includes physicians from the Johns Hopkins Hypertension Center to provide the best quality of care for patients.

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Advanced Research

Researchers and physicians continue to make ongoing discoveries to improve hypertension treatment and clinical care for patients.

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Comprehensive Treatment

We provide comprehensive treatment for patients which may include education for lifestyle modification, adjusting medication to proper dosage and diagnosing underlying conditions that may cause resistant hypertension.

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Patient Information | Resistant Hypertension | FAQ with Oscar Cingolani

Johns Hopkins cardiologist Oscar Cingolani, M.D., answers questions about resistant hypertension and explains new high blood pressure guidelines.

Learn more about resistant hypertension

Meet Our Experts

Our center is led by Oscar Cingolani, M.D. and partners with specialists from the Division of General Internal Medicine’s Hypertension Center.

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The Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center, 601 N. Caroline St., 7th Floor Baltimore, Maryland 21287