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Testicular Cancer Prognosis

Doctor and testicular cancer survivor discussing care.

The cure rate for testis cancer is excellent, with approximately 95 percent of men cured. Cure rates depend on the stage of cancer. Men with localized cancer (stage I: cancer confined to the testicle) have a cure rate of about 99 percent. Men with regional spread (stage II: cancer in the lymph nodes of the retroperitoneum) have a cure rate of about 95 percent. Men with distant metastatic disease (stage III) have a cure rate of about 75 percent.

Importantly, approximately 80 percent of testis cancers that recur or progress will do so within the first year of diagnosis. An additional 15 percent to 20 percent will recur within two years of initial diagnosis. Less than 5 percent of men will have a recurrence or progression of cancer after two years.

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