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Healthy Aging

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Woman smiling while talking with a doctor.

Specialists in Aging: Do You Need a Geriatrician?

Learn how bringing a geriatrician, or aging specialist, into your care circle can help you live well in your golden years.

two women embracing and smiling

Forgiveness: Your Health Depends on It

Conflict doesn’t just weigh down the spirit; it can lead to physical health issues.

older Asian man holding little dog

The Friend Who Keeps You Young

Caring for a pet is great for both your physical and emotional health.

older couple smiling at one another

Could Your Marriage Benefit From Counseling?

Some people associate counseling with newlyweds --but couples who have been married for decades could also benefit.

seniors working on crafts in center

Finding a New Center

Senior centers are undergoing quite a transformation in order to keep up with baby boomers.

three men posing with baseball glove and bat

A League of Your Own

More and more adults are returning to extracurricular activities—from leagues to clubs.