Traumatic Brain Injury: Corey's Story

Corey Davis was in a motorcycle accident that had left him in a coma for seven weeks and had caused severe traumatic brain injury. Kathleen Bechtold, Ph.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program worked with Corey following his accident. Over the course of the years, Corey’s physical and cognitive improvement was dramatic. Corey now competes in triathlons and is the founder of Ocean Games. Ocean Games’ mission is to raise funds for the Johns Hopkins Brain Rehabilitation Program, as well as increase awareness of brain injuries and recovery while promoting the positive effects that sports have on the mind and body.

Finding Hope After Traumatic Brain Injury: Corey Davis’s Story

Neurological Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins

Neurological rehabilitation programs at Johns Hopkins Medicine offer comprehensive rehabilitation for people with conditions affecting the brain, spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. Each of our specialized programs has a dedicated group of experts who will create a personalized rehabilitation plan for your condition and recovery goals.