Suggestions for a better night's sleep

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    Wake up at a consistent time every day.

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    Don't go to bed until you feel sleepy. If you can't sleep, get out of bed until you're sleepy again.

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    Aim for seven hours of sleep each night.

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    Get 30 minutes of daylight before noon.

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    Avoid harsh or blue/green light two hours before bed.

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    Limit alcohol and other drug use.

Suggestions for Managing Stress During the COVID-19 PANDEMIC

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    Maintain a consistent routine.

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    Recognize your limitations and adapt. Take breaks throughout your workday.

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    Contact a health care professional if anxiety persists or becomes worse.

Challenge Negative Thoughts to Relieve Stress

Identify irrational and negative thoughts, and challenge them. Strive for balanced thinking. An example is changing the thought, “I am all alone and I am never going to get through this” to, “Many of us are facing similar difficulties, and we will get through this.”
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Reduce Stress with Relaxation Techniques

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    Clear your mind using the corpse pose. Lie down with limbs stretched out and palms up. Relax this way for five to 15 minutes.

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    Tai Chi

    Gentle, flowing tai chi movements reduce the stress of a busy lifestyle and improve health. Try taking a tai chi class to learn the forms that work best for you.

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    Mindful Meditation

    Take a deep breath and focus your attention on your sensations and feelings in that moment. Practice for a few minutes each day.

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    Deep Breathing Exercises

    Sit still. Place a hand on your chest and your belly. Feel your belly expand as you slowly breathe in and out.

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    Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    Tense groups of muscles one at a time for five seconds, then gently release them. Notice the difference between tensing and relaxing your muscles.