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Our Current Residents

Postgraduate Year 4 (Class of 2020)
Postgraduate Year 3 (Class of 2021)
Postgraduate Year 2 (Class of 2022)
Postgraduate Year 1 (Class of 2023)

Postgraduate Year 4

Ana Angarita, M.D.

Ana Angarita, MD

Medical School: Universidad Industrial de Santander Escuela de Medicina

Danielle Chau, M.D.

Danielle Chau, MD

Medical School: Brown University

Edward Kim, M.D.

Edward Kim, MD, MPH

Medical School: University of Michigan

Meghan McMahon, M.D.

Meghan McMahon, MD

Medical School: West Virginia University

Victoire Ndong, M.D.

Victoire Ndong, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Isa Ryan, M.D.

Isa Ryan, MD

Medical School: Vanderbilt University

Anna Jo Smith, M.D.

Anna Jo Smith, MD, MPH, MSc

Medical School: Harvard

Sandy Truong, M.D.

Sandy Truong, MD

Medical School: Harvard

Katelyn Uribe, M.D.

Katelyn Uribe, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

Postgraduate Year 3

Kristin Darwin, M.D.

Kristin Darwin, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Anja Frost, M.D.

Anja Frost, MD

Medical School: George Washington University

Megan Gornet, M.D.

Megan Gornet, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Lauren Kucirka, M.D.

Lauren Kucirka, MD, PhD, MSc

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Mandy Mahle, M.D.

Mandy Mahle, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of Maryland

Melissa Pritchard, M.D.

Melissa McHale, MD

Medical School: Boston University

Ben Morris, M.D.

Ben Morris, MD

Medical School: University of California, San Diego

Renee Franklin, M.D.

Renee Moss, MD

Medical School: Mercer

Brittany Schuh, M.D.

Brittany Schuh, MD

Medical School: University of Maryland

Postgraduate Year 2

Steven Awaefuna, M.D.

Steve Amaefuna, MD

Medical School: University of Wisconsin

Timothee Fruhauf, M.D.

Timothee Fruhauf, MD, MPH

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Tiffany Jones, M.D.

Tiffany Jones, MD

Medical School: University of Illinois

Kat Kaczmarski, M.D.

Kat Kaczmarski, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Jaden Kohn, M.D.

Jaden Kohn, MD, MPH

Medical School: Baylor

Kristen Lee, M.D.

Kristen Lee, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

Linda Pan, M.D.

Linda Pan, MD

Medical School: Ohio State

Tenisha Wilson, M.D.

Tenisha Wilson, MD, PhD

Medical School: University of Florida

Camilla Yu, M.D.

Camilla Yu, MD

Medical School: University of Massachusetts

Postgraduate Year 1

Katy Dumas

Katy Dumas, MD

Medical School: University of South Carolina, Greenville

I had the opportunity to visit Hopkins as a visiting sub-intern, and I fell in love with the program. I was immediately integrated into the team, and I found myself working with a group of individuals who were kind, driven, passionate, and supportive. I was constantly learning, and I was impressed by the innovative research and volume of unique pathology that comes through Hopkins. Surrounded by outstanding resident, fellow, and faculty mentors, I left the hospital every day feeling excited and inspired, and I am so thrilled to complete my residency training here!

Chelsea Henshaw

Chelsea Henshaw, MD

Medical School: Baylor

I chose Hopkins for a wide variety of reasons, specifically because of the exceptional training and access to leaders in the field of Ob/Gyn. I am also passionate about healthcare disparities and I knew that Baltimore would be an ideal city to conduct research in this area. I am excited to make Baltimore my home and work with a patient population that I am passionate about.

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson, MD

Medical School: Dartmouth College

I chose to do Gyn/Ob residency at Hopkins because of the Institution's long-standing commitment to providing excellent surgical, clinical and research training. After meeting the compassionate and dedicated faculty, residents and staff members on interview day, I knew that Hopkins would provide a collaborative training environment where I would learn to provide world-class care for my patients. Hopkins encourages curiosity, innovation and leadership in its residents, not only for the purpose of expanding medical knowledge, but also to deliver the best care to the diverse and vibrant population right here in Baltimore. I could not be more excited to be continuing my training at Hopkins!

Megan Lander

Megan Lander, MD

Medical School: Rutgers University 

I chose Hopkins for its dedication to advancing the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology through innovative research and by training its residents not only to be excellent clinicians, but also physician leaders. On my interview day, it became clear that the residency program at Hopkins is truly a family, built on mutual trust and support among its hard working and kind hearted members. The outstanding clinical and surgical training, robust research community and mentorship, and the unmatched resident camaraderie are just some of the many reasons why I knew Hopkins was the program for me. I am honored and thrilled to be a part of this amazing community!

Margo Le Neveu

Margot Le Neveu, MD

Medical School: Dartmouth College

Johns Hopkins was my number 1 choice, and I feel so grateful to be able to learn and grow among leaders in the field of gynecology and obstetrics! The legacy of excellence in service, teaching, and research at Hopkins is remarkable- upholding the highest standards of compassion, curiosity, and integrity. I believe this exceptional training, coupled with the collaborative and supportive environment, I first experienced on my interview day is truly unparalleled. I am so impressed by the department’s commitment to both meeting the needs of Baltimore’s rich and diverse community and developing future leaders in the field of women’s health. It is a privilege to learn with and from this outstanding team, and I am absolutely thrilled to begin my career at Hopkins!

Diana Miao

Diana Miao, MD

Medical School: Harvard University

I chose Hopkins because the Gyn/Ob residency program offers a learning environment that will support me in growing into the best clinician, researcher, and patient advocate that I can be. On my interview day, the residents I met were genuinely passionate and deeply thoughtful about their development in diverse interests within the field - from health disparities to quality improvement to medical education - and the faculty were excited about brainstorming how the Gyn/Ob program here could support my personal career goals in basic and translational research. I am excited to spend four years with colleagues from whom I can learn to be kind, thoughtful, and compassionate in all aspects of my future career.

Holly Rankin

Holly Rankin, MD

Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

I was drawn to Hopkins because of its culture of discovery and deep commitment to education, empathy, diversity and intellectual curiosity. The faculty and residents inspired me with their efforts building, researching and leading medicine to improve the health and wellness of not only the Baltimore community but around the globe. I am thrilled to be joining the Hopkins family, to learn and grow surrounded by a community of like-minded peers.

Matthew Thimm

Matthew Thimm, MD

Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

I decided to stay at Hopkins for residency because it provides outstanding training in a supportive and collegial environment. In addition, training in Baltimore provides the privilege of caring for diverse and medically complex patients. I wanted a program that trained empathetic clinicians, intellectually curious researchers, and future leaders in obstetrics and gynecology. Hopkins does all of this in a collaborative and caring environment. I am so excited to be doing my residency training at Hopkins!

Rob Weatherford

Rob Weatherford, MD

Medical School: Harvard University

I chose Hopkins for many reasons, but two of them were chief: the patient population we serve here and the wealth of resources for trainees. Training at Hopkins means becoming skilled at treating patients with substance use disorder, HIV infection, obesity, and other illnesses of poverty that we can learn to treat in order to counteract some of the poverty and systemic oppression that caused them. Being at Hopkins also means being connected to phenomenal opportunities in public health, global health, and a wide array of medical specialties so that we may perpetually expand our knowledge and increase our opportunities to serve. I cannot wait to get started! It's going to be amazing.