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Endocrine Rotation Enrollment for Johns Hopkins Students

To inquire about the availability of positions, Johns Hopkins students or residents interested in taking the Endocrinology & Metabolism Consultation Service Elective should contact Sharice Frazier

Sharice Frazier

Coordinator, Endocrine Fellowship Program
Medical Training Coordinator/Administrative Supervisor
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
1830 E. Monument St., Suite 333
Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: (410) 502-0837
Fax: (410) 367-2042

Once there is preliminary agreement about scheduling, the Elective Registration Form must be completed, and it can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office at 733 N. Broadway, Suite 147, Baltimore, MD 21205 (MRB Building).

The form must be submitted to Sharice Frazier, who will have the form signed by the course director. The white and yellow copies of the form will be returned to the student, who must return the white sheet to the Registrar’s office and keep the yellow sheet for their own files. 

Students should be aware that cancellations represent a very significant problem. Patients are scheduled for the Endocrine Clinic with the expectation that students and residents will fulfill their commitment to take the elective. Furthermore, because of the rotation’s popularity, other students or residents will usually have been refused an opportunity to take the elective.  Consequently, cancellations are unwelcome even before the official deadline for dropping most of these elective, which is two months before the scheduled start of the rotation.