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Hospital staff members
Reflections in Strength, Resilience and Hope
Responding Together in a Pandemic
Coronavirus: One Year Later

March 12, 2020, is the day patients were first diagnosed with COVID-19 in Johns Hopkins Medicine’s hospitals. One year later, we commemorate those we lost to the virus and those we discharged safely to their loved ones.

We honor the strength, resilience and hope of our nurses, physicians, technicians and other personnel on the front lines, as well as those who kept our operations going throughout the coronavirus pandemic. And we are thankful for the aggressive preparedness plan, expert guidance and compassionate, innovative care that continues to support our patients, community members and colleagues.


    Share Your Messages of Appreciation

    As we look back at one year of responding to the pandemic, we reflect and honor our nurses, physicians, technicians and all personnel. Please join us and share your messages of gratitude on our staff appreciation board.


    What Have We Learned About COVID-19?

    Over the last year, we have discovered a lot about endurance, perseverance and resilience as we have confronted the COVID-19 pandemic together. Now that you have absorbed a year’s worth of information, you probably know more than you realize.


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